Saturday, November 21, 2015

Presentation: Building the Future Islamic State through Twitter: ISIS Themes and Metanarratives

Presented at the National Communication Association 101st Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
Abstract: Narrative storytelling delivered through entertaining means has been found to be more persuasive than non-narrative information because of mechanisms of identification, transportation, and emotion (Murphy, Frank, Chatterjee, & Baezconde‐Garbanati, 2013).  More than previous terrorist organizations, ISIL’s use of narrative has branded their organization with compelling stories communicated through their magazine, social media use, and video productions. Co-opting modern marketing and public relations techniques, Dasesh/ISIS/ISIL produces “share-worthy” content and engages with media to builds organizational legitimacy and authenticity with both internal and external stakeholders (Phillips, 2003). Their social media prowess communicates legitimacy and supports recruiting. High quality communication products provide instant source material for internal conversations and for distribution by traditional news outlets. Increasingly organizations and technology are being understood from a sociomaterial perspective—one in which organizational processes and technology are viewed as imbricated with one another (Orlikowski & Scott, 2008; Leonardi, 2013). In embracing technology, ISIL’s communicative practices and technology are becoming enmeshed, creating a new type of sociomaterial terrorist organization. USC Scenario Lab researchers: Riley, P., Hagen, C., Albert, L., Mazumdar, T., Wang, R., Guth, K., Hannah, M., Marechal, N., Myers, S., Busalacchi, N., Pascarella, M., Wang, G.

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