Sunday, May 10, 2015

BlueSky Workshop: The Scenario Workshop - Envisioning Your Department in 2025

This scenario planning workshop held at the 2015 International Communication Association Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, invited participants to consider the future of communication programs in a globalizing world by envisioning their program, department, or school in the year 2025.  Based in narrative sensemaking, scenarios are a key component of an organization’s ability to develop foresight. They are not necessarily linear or predictive, but they are compelling and plausible.Engaging in scenario planning is an important skill set to develop for academics as well as commercial organizations, nonprofits and governments. This workshop was facilitated by the University of Southern California Annenberg Scenario Lab, which has conducted scenario planning workshops for institutions and organizations around the world. Scenario Lab facilitators included: Riley, P., Busalacchi, N., Guth, K., Hagen, C., Marechal, N., Mazumdar, T., Wang, R., and Wang, X.

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